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New media operation
  • Operating duty:
    1, responsible for new media platform (micro-blog, WeChat, app, etc.) the overall operation;
    2, responsible for new media platform for content selection, editing, publishing and promotion;
    Topic 3, collection, research hotspots, combined with the characteristics of the new media, WeChat, app, micro-blog and other content update;
    4, responsible for new media platform activities planning and execution, improve the quality of content and communication;
    5, responsible for mining and operation of new media products, to master new media, the Internet quickly new media products combined with the company's business, promotion and operation;
    6, with the fans in daily interaction, user feedback, user behavior analysis and demand, adjust operation strategy;
    7, the operation data statistics, analysis, according to the analysis results continuously improve the operation plan, improve the operation effect.
  • Post requirements:
    1, college degree or above, more than 1 years of Listed Companies in new media operation related work experience;
    2, micro-blog, WeChat and app have a profound understanding of love and interest; new media marketing related work, master the basic method of new media marketing, forum marketing, such as marketing, new media push each other;
    3. Familiar with the operation mode of social media, it has the ability of planning marketing and execution.
  • Job description:
    1, to assist the recruitment of different positions, including research and development, market function, management and other positions;
    2, the planning, publicity and implementation of the related recruitment of human resources projects, including but not limited to school recruitment, offline recruitment, talent assessment and so on.
  • Tenure requirements:
    1, bachelor degree or above, excellent oral and written English is preferred;
    2, recruitment experience is preferred;
    3, excellent communication ability, strong compression ability, and result oriented consciousness.

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