About Us
About Us

Le Yi was founded in 2012. As a new team, loyi built a personalized product creation journey from a young perspective to become the trend leader of vehicle life.
Yue Yi is committed to designing innovative 3C vehicle products, with &ldquo, vitality &rdquo as the main design elements. Product design is characterized by practicality, simplicity and environmental protection, and strive to pursue personalized service, providing practical and convenient cost-effective products.
Up to now, the company has obtained more than 20 support industries and design patents.
In the future, the company will continue to uphold the concept of &ldquo, happy, life and safety &rdquo, focusing on safety vehicle accessories, and developing the company into the first brand of China's automotive products.

  • Our vision

    makes the first brand of Chinese car products, and makes the world class Chinese famous brand

  • Brand pursuit

    Rich car life, more security endorsement, innovation into the soul, the extreme ride experience

  • Enterprise spirit
    Select environmental raw materials to ensure the safety and health of customers.
    Professional technical research and development team, cooperate with multi channel sales service, build professional car living life brand.
  • Brand concept
    Each customer is VIP
    Every customer is VIP, and the company will serve the customers with the best service attitude and the best quality of service.
    Each agent is a company partner
    They are all happy people, the pursuit of win-win, hand in hand, to achieve consumer innovation in the life of science and technology.
  • Core values
    User supremacy, the pursuit of long word-of-mouth
    The brand development concept should be set up actively, while the brand development is highlighted and consolidated, the user's satisfaction is enhanced and the brand image is enhanced through the user satisfaction. Optimize the user service, realize the advantage development, improve the user approval degree, and realize the long word of mouth.
Brand history
  • In 2010, Yu Si bank was established, formally entered IT, digital industry
    In 2011, it began to focus on the development and production of mobile phone scaffolds and production of
    In 2012, the domestic scaffold industry was still in the bud of the market, and took the lead in carrying out large-scale integrated operation.
    In 2013, it began to brand and elaborate operation, and registered the two major brands, Le Yi and Yu Si,
    In 2014, it began to diversify the distribution system,
  • In 2015, the company increased its R & D investment to improve the capability of independent research and development while realizing the integration of production and marketing.
    In 2016, we should focus on the deep ploughing of brand and continuously improve the brand value
    In 2017, the product line was enriched, and the car supply market was more deeply laid out.
    In 2018, fully equipped for!
    … …
Team strength
Integrated services of R & D, production, sales and service, focus on vehicle accessories, pay attention to practicality, but there is no shortage of fashion, "design led, control production". At present, original vehicle accessories such as vehicle charging, vehicle mounted support, vehicle aromatherapy and so on have been established.

At present, the core business is concentrated in three modules: brand building, ODM/OEM and customized services. Marketing is fully distributed from online to offline, and is sold at home and abroad. There are agents in more than 50 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, South America and Southeast Asia.
Research and development strength
The company practices happiness and beauty together with the product design concept of ergonomics, sports sense, creativity and bionics, and creates exquisite and compact products with user experience. The latest science and technology, fashion elements into the product, create a solo "Yue Yi" style of car products. />
From the selection process, from the color to the structure, each link alone ingenuity, the pursuit of sense of design, to create a pure natural beauty.

Focus on car accessories, enjoy safe car life!
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